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5 things you didn’t know about Cardi B

There’s a lot to tell when it comes to Cardi B. In 2017 she, seemly out of nowhere, exploded as one of the most prominent voices in hip-hop. She’s known for her extraordinary personality and for not holding anything back.

Ever since 'Bodak Yellow' topped the charts, she's engraved in our collective memory. Cardi continued leaving her mark in the music world with 2018’s banger album ‘Invasion of Privacy’. For this album, she collaborated with some of the big shots in the hip-hop world like Migos, 21Savage and Chance the Rapper. She even worked with famous pop stars like Bruno Mars.

Her career is on a roll and it’s clear she knows what she’s doing. Read on to discover 5 things you might not know about the rap diva.

Cardi often dresses in red, the color of street gang the Bloods-source: Pinterest

1. Why she switches up 'c' for 'b'

You’ve probably noticed Cardi sometimes switches the letters ‘c’ and ‘b’. She opened her Coachella 2018 performance by turning Coachella into #Boachella - but she couldn’t beat #BeyChella, though -and sometimes refers to herself as 'Bardi' instead of 'Cardi'.

You might know she, as well as other well-known names in the hip-hop world like Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, has ties to the Bloods, a street gang formed in LA. In their slang, they often switch up letters ‘c’ and ‘b’. That’s also how she got her nickname Cardi. In the hood they called her ‘Bacardi’, which became ‘Bardi’ in short, then she switched ‘b’ for ‘c’ et voilà, ‘Cardi’ was born!

Extra fun fact: she has a sister who is also named after booze. Her name is Hennessy, like the liquor well-liked by many rappers.

Hennessy & Bacardi - source: Pinterest

2. ‘Be Careful’ is not about who you think it is

Cardi B has been sighted with Migos member Offset since early 2017. The couple became official when Offset proposed to her on stage at a Philadelphia show in October that same year. During her performance of ‘Be Careful’ on Saturday Night Live in April 2018, Cardi revealed she was pregnant by showing off her baby bump.

Cardi's performance of 'Be Careful' on SNL

Many people linked the song to her relationship with the Migos rapper because there were cheating speculations in late 2017. Cardi denied the rumour and commented in an interview on Beats 1: “No, I wasn’t talkin’ about Offset. I was just talkin’ about things I relate to and that have happened to me.”

Artwork for the 'Be Careful' single

3. She believes in astrology

Cardi often credits her extroverted personality to her astrology sign Libra. On the music platform Genius, she commented on a question asking if she was a hectic person: “I have very high energy, baby. I’m a fucking Libra. You feel it! Libra gang!” She also stated her teachers at high school always told her she should take acting classes because “she would become something.”

Teachers used to tell Cardi "she would become something" - source: fashiononerogue

4. She was a huge Instagram personality before her breakthrough

Before her musical career blew up, Cardi already had a huge following on her Instagram account. There she posted videos and various stripper endeavours, which was her profession until she decided to focus on her Instagram career. Because of her internet fame, she landed a role on the TV show Love & Hip Hop in which she starred from 2015 to 2017. There, she also got launched as a musician.

Recently, she temporarily put her Instagram account on private following a feud with Azalea Banks (who is she again?). Banks called out Cardi as an "illiterate untalented rat" and a bad representative of black women’s culture. Cardi responded in a Tweet: "I’m tired of the bulls--t. I need to enjoy my pregnancy, family, new projects, and my partner. Listen to Invasion of Privacy,"

Cardi B topped the charts with 'Bodak Yellow' - source: Pinterest

5. She beat Taylor Swift in the charts

In September 2017 she jumped pop artist Taylor Swift on the Billboard Hot 100 list with her breakthrough single ‘Bodak Yellow’ and became number one on the list. Cardi B was only the second female solo rapper to top the list. Only Lauryn Hill did the same thing in 1998 with ‘Doo-Wop (That Thing)’. Cardi celebrated her achievement in an Instagram video of her singing ‘Look what you’ve made me do’ by T-Swift, the song she had just pushed back to 2nd place.

Besides Cardi B, Lauryn Hill is the only female rapper who could top the BillBoard Hot 100 list

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