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6 new Belgian hip hop albums and EP’s to check out this month: Cisko, WIM & more

The past month has been all about the Black Lives Matter movement and how racism is affecting our society. We realize our country still has a long way to go in order to become inclusive and are going to continue to use our platform to help out and contribute to a more welcoming and positive world.

2020 has definitely been a trying year so far, because of the lockdown many artists and creatives have been struggling to make ends meet. Now, more than ever, it is important to support our local artists by streaming and buying their music. Here’s a selection of albums and EPs you should definitely check out this month, but there’s more! Tell us about your favourite releases in the comments.

Article and selection by Yaell Monas

Cisko - Cordoba EP


Ghent based, but former world travelling, rapper Cisko came through with his first EP since he got back from South America. With features of Hollow Heart and Hakim, beats by Retnik and Thumez and artwork by Toykyo, this EP is the masterpiece of a city coming together as one. Nothing has represented Ghent better, than this list of tracks.

Will - Automatische Piloot


Belgian rapper from Limburg, Will, released his second EP ‘Automatische Piloot’ June 19th. After giving his fans the music video for the opening track of this EP Eenmans, he did not disappoint with this collection of tracks. The number of features, good beats, and throwbacks to the early days of hip-hop is perfectly balanced. Another album mixed and produced by Remi de Roeck, better known as Anders, who has been showing off his talent in this list many times before.

WIM - Zwart
WIM - Wit


Some artists work a really long time to release one album or EP. Other artists, such as WIM, work really hard and drop two EP’s at once. The Leuven raised rapper has been active in the Belgian hip hop scene since 1997, under the alias of PhilliBustas. This time he choose to make a diptych EP collection. White is where he shares his positive mindsets, black is the darker side of his feelings. A steady collection of tracks with added value to the scene.

Peet - PEPER


Lockdown creativity locked down on one EP. Brussels based rapper Peet asked his followers on Instagram to help him with a new track every week. For five weeks straight, the fans decided almost everything. From the lyrics, up until the beats or which producer to get involved. This is the collection of Belgian hip hop made by his fans and followers.

Madsin - Madsin’s Madfuture 2: shocker


Madsin has been around for a while and this year seems to be the year of his breakthrough. The Oostend born and raised rapper has always been engaged to turn his city into a city that offers opportunities for young creatives. He now is using his own creativity to release singles and EP’s with a dark tone of Belgian hip hop.

34A - En Attendant l’album, Vol. 2


34A is a collective of young rappers, all around the age of 20, who are trying to look at hip hop with a new way of thinking. Their creative process is incredible, for which they are signed to Sony France. After millions of views and streams on previous songs, here is their album. And it’s a good one.

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