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6 new Belgian hip-hop albums to discover: Roméo Elvis, Lyne & more

Once a month, we will be selecting our favorite albums or EP’s by Belgian hip-hop artists from the past four weeks. We will also pick one track out of each to add to our weekly updated Spotify playlist. If you want your album, EP, or new single to be picked up by our hip-hop editor, send an e-mail to Tracks that caught our attention this week, will be part of our Belgian hip-hop selection next Friday!

Article and selection by Yaell Monas

Roméo Elvis - Maison


After winning our 2017 Chase Redbull Elektropedia Award, Elvis had a taste of what it is to become one of the biggest names in Belgian hip-hop. He released his Maison EP on April 23, and we’ve been listening to the track ‘Chaud’ on repeat ever since. We knew it back in 2017 already, Roméo Elvis is definitely beaucoup trop chaud.

Lyne - Bipo Feels


Meet 23-year old London-based Belgian-Congolese songstress Lyne. After releasing three singles, which were loved by many, she now came through with her first EP ‘Bipo Feels’ on April 25. Together with producer D.E.W.I, she created a soul and R&B vibe throughout the four songs. Although it seems like an odd combination, the afrobeat inspired beats combine perfectly with the honesty of the emotional lyrics on the album.

UM! - UM!

UM! - UM!

No new name in the Belgian hip-hop scene: UM! has been part of the Zwangere Guy crew as his DJ and musician for the past three years now. In 2018 already, he released his first track ‘ENELIX’ featuring Jazz, Le 77, and Zwangere Guy. The track became part of this album, which he finally released on April 2nd this year. He kept us waiting, but this multi-language, eclectic, and bold album is a masterpiece.

Youssef Swatt’s ft. El Gaouli - Poussières d’espoir


Poussières d’espoir translates to ‘dust of hope’ which is exactly the vibe this album gives us. Swatt’s is a new name in our Belgian hip-hop list, although he has been rapping since 2014 already. The rapper is known for his realistic and touching lyrics, and that’s exactly what this album emphasizes again.

Freddie Konings - Chossellonië 1


With 25k listeners on Spotify every month, Konings gathered a steady fanbase throughout the country. Chossellonië 1 contains some of the singles he has been releasing the past months, teasing a new album coming soon. Now that it’s here, it’s time to acknowledge the king in Koning’s name.

ABSOLEM - Toxcity


This week, our Belgian hip-hop selection is predominantly French hip-hop and we are not mad. ABSOLEM would’ve been on the stage of Les Ardentes this summer, and made 2020 his year. Toxcity, which he released on May 1st, is the perfect first album to tease what’s coming next!

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