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6 new Belgian hip-hop tracks to start the weekend: Darrell Cole, Lyna & more

Every week, we select five new Belgian hip-hop bangers that somehow caught our attention. Keep sending us new tracks or EP releases via, and maybe your name will be on the list next Friday. Fresh features, new names, and bracy beats. We were overwhelmed by new tracks this week, so we added an extra spot to the list. Keep them coming!

Article and selection by Yaell Monas

Willem Pape - Penthouse


Willem Pape is a completely new name in the Belgian hip-hop scene that caught our attention due to the catchiness of his Dutch rap vibe. The guy has an accent which made us think he came from The Netherlands, although he is actually from Antwerp. A good and definitely catchy beat, clean lines and strong vocals.

HBN ft. TRILLMAKA - Playground


Trillmaka is a Texas-raised, Antwerp-based rapper with Lebanese blood, so says his Instagram bio. Together with another Antwerp-based rapper HBN he delivered the brand new track 'Playground'. The fluently rapping duo dropped their latest music video for the song 'Too fast' six months ago. With over 6k views, not a bad start for two Belgian rappers. Let's see what the future brings for these boys.

Darrell Cole, K1D, Krisy, and Saskia - El Presidente


Residents in the Belgian hip-hop scene, Darrell Cole, Krisy and K1D, collaborated on a special EP with Saskia for Havana Club. Consisting out of six songs, the rappers brought summer into our winter months by combining Cuban culture with the influences from their own roots. Together with two Cuban artists, Kumar and Daymé Arocena, they put together an exclusive quality EP.

Denali Wrench - Dance With Me


You might know Denali from the article in which we exclusively announced one of their previous songs, 'biggest flirt'. Using Denali Wrench as their alter ego, JAKOMO and Gustav Leo dropped a new music video for 'Dance with me'. The track describes the melancholic feeling of escapism and anxiety, a perfect combination of lyrics and the quality of a well put together music video by Brussels-based filmmaker Anne Ballon.

Lyna - Booty


The 21-year-old Belgian-Morrocan singer Lyna released a new track last week. Combining the influences of RNB, pop and urban soul, she marks her name on the Belgian music scene with this new track. Together with Raia Maria Laura and Beginners Studio, she made a world-class music video that looks straight from LA.

M$A - Drowzy


Ghent-based rapper M$A is back with a new trap track. His last music video came out over a year ago, and it has been silent ever since. But with this track, he definitely put his name on the trapper map of Belgium. Videographer shxt_by_jtw, who has been making a name in the Belgian trap scene with his editing skills, made the video and the beat was made by Crack God.

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