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6 new Belgian hip-hop tracks to start the weekend: Rare Akuma, Woodie Smalls & more

These days are hard for our Belgian hip-hop artists, as a lot of their shows are canceled due to the new coronavirus and coming together in the studio is not an option anymore. That's why we would like to ask every single one of you to stream lots of old and new tracks in Belgian hip-hop to keep supporting them while they are stuck. Save their music careers, the music industry, and #SaveOurFestivalSummer. Being stuck does not essentially mean no new music, so here are some new albums and tracks to brighten up these darker days.

Article and selection by Yaell Monas

Rare Akuma - Dragon Force


It's Akuma season. One of the hardest trap names in the Belgian hip-hop scene released a music video last week, and every time that happens we are on the edges of our chairs waiting for it. Let's say he's a creative mastermind, one of a kind. His flow is exactly what we think could go international. Put some emphasis on the 'force' part in this title, because this track comes in extremely hard. On repeat in our home offices from now on.

Woodie Smalls - In Between Spaces


Smalls broke through in 2015 with his track About The Dutch, dropped an album and kept us waiting for a second one for five years. Five goddamn years Smalls, for real? But hey, it was worth the wait! We knew something was cooking when he dropped Bad with Coely, and we are not disappointed by what followed. Woodie Smalls found his flow, he knew this was what he had to work for, for five years.

Izaya Mod - Si Seulement


This track is exactly what we needed to be dancing in the kitchen alone or with your boo during the lockdown. It's catchy, it's grindable and it's a lovely vibe to fill up your house with right now. Izaya has been releasing some major Belgian hip-hop tracks in the past few months and this one can be added to the list. We sincerely hope you have a studio at home which you can use in the upcoming weeks.

KRANKk - Dark


Uhm, while we were all very hyped for 2020 these guys already knew everybody was going to get sick, hence track number seven on their newest album. We like what these guys do. We don't know if we can add it to the category of Belgian hip-hop, but we also don't know what else this is. It fits nowhere, and everywhere. And we would love for them to make something with Skepta or Octavian. That would be good. Anyway, it's dark. It's KRANKk.



Well, well, well. If this title isn't appropriate these days, then I don't know what is. K1D has been releasing some music videos in the past month in anticipation of the EP which is finally here. We sincerely hope you don't feel too lonely these days though, although it would be great if it led to another EP or album like this. We are vibing to this even more than what K1D made in the past. An EP to be proud of.



It really feels like the week of the Belgian hip-hop albums. Spreej, a name which has been in the game for the longest time now, just released an EP. After becoming big as duo Safi & Spreej, he now sets his footsteps as a solo artist and we are here for it. We knew Spreej was a very talented rapper, and that's exactly what he proves on this EP. Music-wise, it's a nice week to be in quarantine.

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