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6 new Belgian hip-hop tracks to check out: OLD PAINLESS, SPREEJ & more

We're back with some new Belgian hip-hop bangers that caught our attention this week, including a Chase exclusive release by OLD PAINLESS. Not only that, a lot of news got the Belgian hip-hop scene moving: Rian Snoeks is now officially a member of Goeie Jongens, Gangthelabel is calling it quits and Spreej joined Belgian label FAKE. Keep sending us new tracks or EP releases via, and maybe your name will be on the list next Friday. Let's go!

Article by Ashley Okwuego



Today, rapper and producer OLD PAINLESS releases the new video clip of his track 'Cesar', exclusively on Chase. The video clip shows us that all boys are good boys when they're held in OLD PAINLESS' loving arms. It's based on a true story and paired with the updated version of his track 'X' (new mix, re-recorded vocal).

OLD PAINLESS is a solo project that got off the ground last year with 5 singles and lots of fun shows, for example at Les Ardentes, Charlatan, and Het Bos. This year, he's continuing his journey with a lot of exciting items on the agenda: a beat tape, remix album, and a full-length album.

Boa Joo - Qu'il En Pleuve


Brussels-based singer and rapper Boa Joo just released her brand new track 'Qu'il En Pleuve', produced by Deuxtroissept. An artist to watch in the Belgian hip-hop scene! The song is mainly about her goals and determination in music. She quit studying and focused on music, which was not always received well. Bao Joo: "I mention briefly how I feel as a woman in a man's game. I also talk about my relationship with men today, which is complicated due to sexism and my trust issues."



SPREEJ is back in the Belgian hip-hop scene! This week, FAKE announced they had a new act to join their label. It was none other than Ghent-based rapper SPREEJ. To celebrate their win to the team, they released a new track 'LOSTBOYDEMIGOD' including a video clip. Even more: on March 25, SPREEJ will be presenting his upcoming EP at Charlatan in Ghent!

Corrupted - You Said


Corrupted's 'You Said' is about being truthful to himself and his feelings and marks a new point in his career. According to him, most of the music he has made and released did not truly feel like himself. 'You Said' is something he strongly identifies with, not only thematically but also in terms of the sound pallet. Corrupted: "I wrote this song last summer. After a few heavy hits in my personal life, I started noticing that people don't always mean what they say. I don't always tell myself the truth and therefore get lost in my own head."


Songwriter, performer, and musician Izaya Mod dropped a brand new track 'Feu', which is a mixture of rap and R&B vocals. Passionate about art in all its forms, he accumulates notebooks filled with songs, poems, and drawings. He's in love with the French language and seeks to be at the forefront of French-Belgian music.

Walter Ego & Chillow - Zoedet Goed Zin


West-Flamish Belgian hip-hop! 'Zoedet Goed Zin' is the second single from the upcoming Walter Ego & Chillow album 'Ex-Rapper', that will be releasing in May this year. The song reflects on how comfortable you can be as a person with your own happiness, even if others around you are having a harder time. What does it really mean to be there for a close friend with depression? How do you help a family member with a chronic condition? And finally: how do you - in such an environment - still give yourself space to be happy yourself?

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