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6 new Belgian Hip-Hop tracks you don’t want to miss

If you've been watching the skies the past week, you might have noticed there was exactly one day with actual refreshing sunlight. Those few rays of sun were just enough to inspire us for this list. Have a look, or should we say, have a listen. We present to you : 6 new bangers to scare the neighbours with.


Caballero & JeanJass - CHEF

These guys ain't lying. They have the chef mentality. Whatever they whip up in their kitchen is something we want to try. We accidentally blew our car speakers to this one (this is not a joke, they are actually broken beyond repair).


Boeken ft Scarlenn, R'huite, Eazy Lo - Wolven

What do you get when you take a freestyle king, add a legend from back in the day and top it off with two dope rappers from NoMoBS? We'll tell you...a killertrack like 'Wolven'. Boeken has more in store for us in 2018. Let's hope we don't have to wait for too long!


Freddie King - Supertrapper

Freddie King is officially unstoppable. We just got over 'Regen', which was one of the coolest videos we've seen in the past year, and now he hits us with this hard trap banger. This guy doesn't show mercy when it comes to delivering quality tracks. And thank the Lord he doesn't.


Bird - Liever Alleen

It's been way too long since we heard from Bird, but man are we glad this guy is back. Penny behind the keys always guarantees a quality track, but he has 14 of those waiting for us on his new album. February 9 @ CC Deurne, more details can be found here.


Pasi x Reflexo x Rakke - Vuur

Eigen Makelij has kinda become the Belgian standard when it comes to rap. They've been in the game for almost a decade , and yet these guys still manage to keep things fresh and inspiring. A beat to drift away on, but a message to keep your ears glued to your stereo. Exactly what we need.


Theetje x DonDeal - Heads Up!

Theetje is a rapper from Turnhout who's always stayed true to the roots of hiphop. And when he drops a track, it's guaranteed to be something you need to blast through every speaker you can get a hold of (headbobs violently).



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