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6 new Belgian hip-hop tracks to start the weekend: Zwangere Guy, Rian Snoeks & more

Every week, we select five new Belgian hip-hop bangers that somehow caught our attention. Keep sending us new tracks or EP releases via, and maybe your name will be on the list next Friday. Looks like this was a busy week in hip-hop land. Maybe one of these tracks will be in your yearly Spotify report next year? Or one of these artists might already be included in your 2019 recap? Let us know!

Article and selection by Yaell Monas


The big winner of the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards this year, Brussels-based Zwangere Guy, is back with a new album that dropped today. Let's not mince words, as he never does either, but this is a very, very good one. Less party in the back, more reality in the front, this time. An album for the Belgian hip-hop history books, one that is as good as heaven and as bad as hell. Guy as we know him, no beating around the bush but sincere honesty. Or, how you can imagine this à la Zwangere Guy: "Putain, putain, de Guy heeft la haine / Hij krijgt het schijt van die racisten en die politiciens!"


'Terug Naar Toen' is the first track of Rian Snoeks his upcoming EP 'Ondanks Alles' which will drop in January 2020. For this track, Rian got into the studio with Glenn Devree. For this music video, Snoeks worked with Jenesaispas and Jungle Lahcen, who also worked on the movie Patser. The young talents collaborated on a beautifully honest track, with a bridge that sticks to mind. The styling was done by Hasselt's vintage store 22nd Vintage, supporting the locals in Limburg. If you can't get enough, he'll be participating in the Limburg' finale of Soundtrack in de Muziekodroom on December 7.


Will the Belgian version of Post Malone please stand up? Loyk, also known as Björn Loykens, launched the music video of one of the tracks from his latest EP '111'. "The track is inspired by the divorce of my parents. I felt very lonely and wrote this down to dedicate to my mom and our relationship. I kind of fight with a female energy, which is played by my girlfriend in the music video, as she was there during those times. She understood how she had to act to show how those times felt."


The only lady in the selection this week, but it's a good one. Her track 'Dilemme' recently hit a million views, and if that wasn't enough already, she is now in the Top 50 in Denmark and Italy. We are sure this artist is going places, and no better time to drop a new track than right now. For 'Tout Est Gore' she took everything out of the closet, including lyrics that stick to mind, a high level of rapping and her eccentric looks.


Freddie Konings got invited by KijkenMag for the second episode of One Mic, where they let Belgian rappers take their shot in the studio. The rapper, also known as Freddie King, came through with some pretty heavy bars on this one. "Top Notch had me moeten bellen toen ik skeer was" en "Heb medelijden met de mensen die me achterlieten".


YaMatto is a new name in the Belgian hip-hop scene, "straight outta the concrete slums of Hoboken". Last week, he came through with an EP called 'Antwerp Scum', on which he raps about growing up where he did. He teamed up with British producer Blue Ghost for five top quality tracks. Not to be misunderstood lyrics on daydreamingly beautiful beats. An upcoming talent without a filter, spitting the truth and nothing but the truth.

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