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6 Unique Hairstyles at Bomboclat 2018

Bomboclat 2018 was colourful and eclectic in every way possible. With a vibrant crowd like this, you can always be sure to find some unique hairstyles. We took a look around the beach and found these dancehall-ready styles.

Text by Nadia Hanssens, pics by Devi Codron

Ya-Serra - Yellow Box Braids
Box braids have been making a huge comeback in the last years, but you can find a lot of ways to make them your own. Ya-Serra opted for this bright sunshine yellow and added a few metal clips for a bit of sparkle. She often wears braids and loves experimenting with colours. Ya-Serra: “ I’ve had about every colour of the rainbow”.

Belinda and Juliette - Natural curly hair and tribal braids
Showing off your natural curls is always a good move, and Belinda loves her hair this way. She keeps it light and natural. Belinda likes a low maintenance hair routine. Some caring products and oils on a daily basis and she’s good to go.

Juliette is quite the opposite: she loves to switch it up anyway she can. For this look, she added some intricate braids and accessories to her ombré blue-grey tresses for a new age tribal look.

Hassantou - Bleached tip Locs
Dreadlocks have been around for a long time. Hassantou has had his locs for years now, but don’t let the length fool you. They would probably reach his lower back by now, if he hadn’t cut them off. Hassantou: “I like this length, it’s a little easier too. If I want to change up the look, I cut them a little or recolour the ends”.

Eliane - Bantu Knots
Bantu Knots are definitely a bold style option. Eliane: “I did these for the festival because here you can look the way you want. Wearing these to work I would probably get a lot of glances and questions.” You do you girl, no matter what anyone says!

Aminata - Bandana and Box Braids
These natural coloured box braids are spruced up with a leopard print bandana. This makes for a windproof look, which is definitely a plus when you’re at a beachside festival.

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