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7 Netflix shows that don’t do stereotypes

Are you sick and tired of always seeing the stereotype actors on your television screen? Have you watched everything that’s worth watching? Whether you’re looking for action, humour or drama, there’s something on Netflix for everyone. That is, if you know where to look. All of these shows are full of diverse characters and interesting plotlines. So no 'Netflix and chill' after you’ve put these on, because you definitely won’t want to miss even a second.


Orange is the New Black

Starting off with a classic! If you have not heard of this one yet, you must have been living under a rock for the past 3 years. The show follows Piper Chapman, who has to go to jail. In this women’s prison, you meet a lot of characters with diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, sexualities and motivations. Each one as interesting as the next. Full of drama, humour and unexpected life lessons. It’s the most watched show on Netflix for a reason.


Luke Cage

Next in line is a Marvel’s show, which means superheroes. However, this superhero is a little different than we’re used to. This show, about a bulletproof black man in a hoodie, alludes to the #BlackLivesMatter movement and other social issues. With an all black cast, this show is heavy on the racial and political commentary. For the music lovers among us, the soundtrack of the show captures the culture and atmosphere of Harlem in an amazing way.


Marvel's Jessica Jones

We're staying in the superhero genre with this one. This show has a lot of dark undertones and gives off a film noir kind of vibe. Jessica, the lead character, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Her character is rough around the edges, drinks too much and can be an asshole sometimes. She’s a total mess and you’ll love her for it. The show deals with sexuality and rape but Jones’ dry wit makes for a very enjoyable experience. Together with Daredevil and Luke Cage, this series leads up Marvel’s The Defenders.


Stranger Things

This is the tv show that blew our socks off this year. Set in the 1980’s, this series deals with the mysterious disappearance of a kid. The cool thing about this show is that the leading roles are actually played by kids. Also, most teenagers are actually portrayed by teenagers, not adults pretending to be 16. There’s telekinesis, horror, government conspiracies, super talented kids, and for everyone who wasn’t convinced yet: Winona Ryder. If that’s not a compelling argument, I don’t know what is.



This show is a little science-fictionish, and is amazing in its portrayal of human nature. The show follows eight people from across the world. White, black, Mexican, Chinese, gay, straight, transgender, everyone will find someone to relate to. Each of them has their own strengths, weaknesses and personal issues. Through their connection, they help each other in day to day situations as well as in the overall story arc. It sounds a little wacky to be deejaying in London and fighting a boxing match in China at the same time, but this show makes it all possible. Coupled with absolutely stunning cinematography, this show should definitely be on your list


How to get away with Murder

This show stands out because it somehow isn’t science fiction. The characters go through all kinds of fucked up shit that happens every day in the real world. Moreover, they are very diverse in ethnicity as well as in sexuality. The show is about a couple of law students who get a special internship with their professor, and the story unfolds from there. There’s drama everywhere, and the tension (sexual and otherwise) will keep you at the edge of your seat. Another plus, the character around which the show revolves, is played by Alfred Enoch, a.k.a Dean Thomas from Harry Potter.


Master of None

This last one on the list was created by the comedian Aziz Ansari, and he stars in it too. The goal of this show is to make fun of Hollywood. It’s also the first American tv show that has an Indian male in the leading role. With casting choices such as “the token white friend”, Ansari makes it abundantly clear what he thinks about Hollywood politics. The show won the award for ‘Best Comedy Series’ this year, and in their acceptance speech, one of the actors said: “thank you to all the straight white guys who dominated movies and TV so hard and for so long that stories about literally anyone else seem kind of fresh and original now.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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