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7 New Belgian hip-hop tracks you don’t want to miss

Here at Chase, we condemn any sort of violence, but when it comes to hip hop we want the beats to be slammin' and the punchlines to be hard-hitting. In this article we present some new Belgian tracks that do just that. We strongly advise you to put on some protective gear before playing them.


Le 77 - Bawlerangers Feat. Zwangere Guy & Blu Samu

Go Go Bawlerangers! Le 77 brings us right back to the nineties when we spend our after shool time watching the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Zwangere Guy provides the featuring and Blu Samu provides a smooth vocal to chill out on. Bawlin'! 


GRACI - 2K17 (Prod. 199X)

GRACI was one of the youngest ever to be selected for De Nieuwe Lichting at Studio Brussel. With this first single of his new tape 'Kleurrijker', he shows us exactly why. Bangin'!


Ténawies Session VII - Scepto

We can only imagine how this track came to life. Scepto holding a pen and a piece of paper and all he could think of was how he was going to smack some rappers' asses. Beats were killed, bars were dropped and eventually asses have been smacked. Well done!


Flo - Mirrors (Instr. by Innervey Kosmos)

Innervey Kosmos is one of those producers who guarantees that fresh and crispy sound your ears deserve. For this track he colaborated with Flo, a singer from the UK whose voice can best be described with the word: 'Angelic'. 


Samoerai - Soms ek reden voe te spreken

Samoerai has already attained legendary status among rappers across Belgium, and it doesn't look like he's willing to give that up any time soon. We need to know his secret, because this guy really has the Midas touch.


Bryan Mg - OMG (Prod. BMP$)

There's always a chance you don't like this song, in which case you would be wrong. 'Oh My God', was exactly what we thought when we first heard this track slamming through our speakers. More please!


Haddadi ft RonnyHuana "PERDU"

It looks like every time these guys make a track, it finds his way to our weekly list. They shouldn't only be given a medal for the music they make (which they also produce themselves), we should add a trophy for most productive rappers in Belgium. Keep 'em coming!

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