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8 new Belgian hip hop video clips you should check out

Last weekend we’ve witnessed the release of Eminem’s ‘Revival’ and N.E.R.D.’s comeback album. But, shit! Belgium dropped some fire as well! We’ve got 8 new tracks from last week you should definitely check out:


Swing - Cercle

L’Or du Commun’s Swing Simeon is increasing the hype around his new project ‘Marabout’ that’ll be seeing the light in January and to be honest, this song has been stuck in our heads for the last few days so I think we’re in for a treat...


Scottie x Saalk x Safi x Pasi x Porto - Good Vibes

Another quality track coming from Eigen Makelij. Great track, great video. Only good vibes! What more can you ask for?


Roméo Elvis x Le Motel - Nappeux ft. Grems

C’est Le Motel et Roméo Elvis… Yeah we know, this one was released on 'Morale 2' earlier this year. But last week Roméo’s new music video immediately made it to the trending page on YouTube, and it’s still in the top 20! Worth the mention, am I right?


Jenesaispas - Te weinig ruimte

Sick flows straight from the city of Antwerp. Jenesaispas show what they’re worth in this cool DIY-style video. You should definitely keep an eye out for these guys in the future.


JAY MNG - Niet Stressen

This shit is hard. Jay’s ‘64 Barz’ has only been out for about a month and here’s another banger. You’re really spoiling us, Jay.


Le 77 - Ladybawler

We can’t NOT mention how hilarious these guys are in their new music video. Peet & Félé are not exactly taking it easy these days and Ladybawler is a straight up tune with a great vibe!


K1D - Medicated/ Wifi

These tracks had to be on this list. Going from the hard tune ‘Medicated’ to the sweet and cheesy ‘Wifi’, K1D came up with some good shit last week. Guess we’ll have to keep an eye out for the EP?


Amo Achille - No More

Seriously underrated, that’s what this track is. And we’re digging the British influences, more of this please. Big up man like Amo Achille!


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