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8 New Belgian hip hop tracks you should check out

While we were watching Kendrick Lamar take home 5 trophies during last weekend’s Grammy Awards, we had a little flashback to Roméo Elvis at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards… speaking of him:


Roméo Elvis x Le Motel - Ma tête

He couldn’t take home the MIA for the ‘Urban’ category this year (Congrats Coely!), but Roméo’s newest music video ‘Ma tête’, animated by Brussels-based Krümp, came out a few days ago and it’s still trending on YouTube.


Strawberry Strangers Ft. Original God (prod. Retnik Beats & Chuki Beats)

This track is something else for sure. Akuma & OG’s vocals are heavily processed and tuned and this adds so much to the sad feels the lyrics and beat by Chuki and Retnik bring. Dope shit!


SLM - Aba ft. Sparrow (prod. Beatgrinders)

SLM and Sparrow (Soul’Art) joined forces with UNICEF Belgium to draw more attention to the struggles child refugees have to deal with everyday. Besides this being a beautiful song, it’s nice to know there’s a greater message behind it.


Gangthelabel - RAF ft. Teabe

Gangthelabel’s at it again with a lit track and this time they’re bringing Teabe along. It could just be because I’m half Polish and really into Polish rap, but I love the fact that they’re bringing the two countries together like this. Big up!


Benz Pharaoh - Mac ft. BABYFACERANDY

Benz Pharaoh & BABYFACERANDY recently dropped this dope track and we couldn’t help but notice some 21 Savage influences in there. Straight fire from the city of Antwerp, that’s what it is.


La Smala - 00H00

The beautiful ‘00H00’ is the final track of La Smala’s new album that has just been released this week and it’s giving us the chills. The guys each lay down their bars on this emotional instrumental and the hook is great as well. Quality!


Young B - Never Change ft. Malik

‘Never Change’, Young B’s newest track goes off well in this artsy and visually pleasing music video filmed in Charleroi’s abandoned nuclear plant. We’re definitely waiting to hear more from you, B!


Roméo Elvis x Le Motel - Drôle de question (Remix by Double X)

Bonus track! Yeah yeah we know, another Roméo Elvis song… But this time it’s Double X’s remix of last year’s hit ‘Drôle de question’. The new take on this song is full of great vibes and it’s released just in time for Morale 2luxe’s release in about two weeks.


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