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Chase Exclusive: A’Danté Moris talks about the dark side of love in ‘Low Life’

We already mentioned A’Danté Moris in our article about upcoming Belgian R&B artists. But in case you don’t know him yet: A’Danté Moris is an upcoming artist from Ghent who wants to evoke emotions and help listeners understand different perspectives on life. A'Danté Moris just dropped his first single 'Low Life' and today, he is releasing the exclusive premiere of the music video right here on Chase!

Article by Eline Rymenans

Three years ago, A'Danté Moris started working with Pelican Street Studios, the studio where artists Elodie Imani and MONARCQ have worked as well. His heart is only filled with admiration about his time there, saying: “music was made, friendships were established and dreams were obtained.”

And now, after years of hard work, he is finally ready to release his music. ‘Low Life’ is the first single of his debut EP ‘Pain for Pleasure’. The upcoming EP will be releasing later this year under the label Golden Section.

A'Danté Moris expresses himself by telling stories with his lyrics. The story of 'Low Life' is about a girl who’s obsessed with her looks and social status, and therefore attracts the wrong guys. She’s lost in a toxic relationship, but so blinded by love that she can’t see a way out. The music video starts out in a dark bedroom with underwear spread across the floor. Flashing neon red and blue lights illuminates A'Danté Moris his face while he starts singing.

Sounds promising? Check out the exclusive premiere of the music video here:

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