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And The Winners Of The Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2016 Are

Anyone who’s familiar with the Belgian music scene knows that the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, also known as the Oscars of the Belgian night life, is a date you should definitely note into your diary. This year’s RBEA took place on Wednesday the 16th of November in ‘Flagey’. Producers, DJ’s, MC’s and both music and event managers all over Belgium were present to pay a visit to the mecca of the Belgian electronic music business.

Text by Ingmar Doumen and Erkut Gultekin



Last year Oscar & the Wolf succeeded in convincing the voters and jury for the award of Best Live Act. For a moment it looked as if they were going for a second win in a row but that plan got interrupted by a Brussels based francophone rap phenomenon. It's merely an understatement to say that Roméo Elvis has done well with his five nominations and apparently the Best Live Act Award was the one he had been dreaming of the most. It seems like he should’ve dreamt bigger because he not only won that one but two other awards as well. His Morale EP (produced by Le Motel) has been chosen the best album of 2016, which means it even did better than Bazart’s Echo and Goose’s What You Need. The third award he won was Chase’s very own, which is the award for the Best Urban Act. The second and third places for this award were handed out to Coely and DVTCH NORRIS respectively.



Even though Bazart's Echo was not chosen the best album of the year, they still won two awards: Artist Of The Year and Best Song (Chaos). Not only men were put under spotlights last Wednesday. Techno-godesses Charlotte de Witte and Amelie Lens were both nominated for a handful of awards. Charlotte de Witte won the award for Best Producer and Amelie Lens took the award for Breakthrough Artist of The Year homewards. Charlotte de Witte was not the only representative of Studio Brussel to win an award on this year's RBEA. Together with Faisal(3rd) and LeFtO(1st) they managed to put the label of Studio Brussel into the entire top 3 of the awards for Best Radio. Due to the huge amount of his nominations and awards, LeFtO's name was announced a lot last Wednesday. Dour Festival, which he co-organizes, has been awarded the Best Festival for two years in a row now.



The programmers of Fruity Loops (nowadays known as FL Studio) have won the Lifetime Achievement Award. This Digital Audio Workstation was founded and programmed by Belgians twenty years ago and is now used by top artists and bedroom producers worldwide. That deserves a big round of applause. Other remarkable award winners were SX (Best Video), Pomrad (Best Remix) and TLP (Best MC). This year's most promising artists were AUDRIFarrago and WWWater. Be sure to check out these talented artists!



The last award of the evening was handed out to Faisal, who managed to finish first at the top 100-list of Belgian DJ's. He even did better than LeFtO this year, who he did a shoutout to on stage. Even though the afterparty was not organized by All Eyes On Hip Hop (Winners of the award for Best Party), it was quite alright. Although the amount of Vodka-Red Bull provided which was enough for a whole army possibly played a role in that as well.

What we'll remember the most of this year's Red Bull Elektropedia Awards is that urban artists finally seem to get the attention and recognition they deserve nowadays. We can only look forward to a bright future for the urban music scene when artists like Roméo Elvis succeed in leaving big names like Oscar & The Wolf and Goose behind them. Another development which is worth to be mentioned is that this year's greatest winners are both French and Dutch acts. Check out this link for the entire list of the winners!  

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