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Appelsap 2019: four eye-catching outfits

The Woodstockian times where people chose festival outfits according to how dirty they could get, are a far-flown history tale. Meanwhile, clothes are part of the whimsical musical that festivals nowadays are. The striking amount of co-ordinate outfits we noticed at 2018's edition of Appelsap was again very present at this years edition of the trendy festival. Along with the diverse line-up, we noticed an increased creativity when it comes to clothing. Let's see what our favourite outfits of Appelsap 2019 were.

Article by Ingmar Doumen, pictures by Rutger Claes

Appelsap 2019

Amber (22): "I recently became an English teacher, so I usually wanna look professional without losing some sense of style. One piece sets are the perfect way to achieve this cause you don't have to put too much effort in an outfit".

Appelsap 2019

Marte (21): "I really just cannot explain my looks at all, i'm sorry"

Appelsap 2019

Suzanne (29) and Iris (25): "We don't dress to impress. The most important thing is feeling comfortable."

Bobby (24): "Fashion is a reflection of moods in my opinion. For example: today's weather is beautiful ánd I'm going to a festival. These things make me happy, thus I wear my happy clothes. Simple as that"

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