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10 new Belgian hip-hop tracks you should check out

It might seem like a long time ago that we presented you with the best locally grown tracks. Sometimes life just gets too busy with work, school and other projects. But we really want to continue bringing you our weekly Belgian hip-hop updates, so let us offer you this list as a peace offering.


Astro - Respect
This guy isn't just out of this world, he's out of this universe. If the track was any smoother I swear it would slide straight of your MP3 player (do they still use those?).


Samoerai - De Hoofdschotel pt II (cuts by dj Grazzhoppa)
This guy could litteraly flow a brick wall to pieces. Samoerai shows us why he's considered a local legend and your neighbour's favorite rapper. Put the speakers on 'mom-is-gonna-call-the-cops-volume' and bob your head to the realness.


Freddie King - Memories
It's not easy to take a Drake beat and make it your own. Ares did it, and he killed it. Now we have the Belgian equivalent. If you don't think this is fire, we wouldn't want you working for the local fire department without a good check up at the doctor's office. 



Jenesaispas - Rotondes
We would love to say that these guys brought old school back, but they didn't. They just brought back the same feeling on a whole new level. Jenesaispas is the movement!


Tusais & Mitxelena - Afstand ft. Stef
This is what hip hop is all about. don't get us wrong, all hip hop is beautiful. But this is something that is relatable to a whole new audience. Glad to see tracks like this are still being made, even today!


Gewoon Ruben - De Mood is beter
Gewoon Ruben is most likely the edgiest rapper you ever heard. Not that we can't relate to this message, we also like to be wasted! Preach it fam!


Nino Ace - Motivatie ft. Ice P & Porto 
The least you can say after hearing this track is that these guys are motivated. They're also terribly talented which helps a lot. We need more of this!


Nico - Kwetsbaar (Prod by MelloVibez)
We're actually scared to say this guy is new, because he doesn't sound new to this at all. In any case it's the first time he's in our list, but we don't think it's going to be the last. Lit!


Cem - Push 
Cem is one of the contestants at the Red Bull Bekvechten Battle, but he's also a gifted all-round artist! Check his video and you'll see exactly what we're talking about.


Rupelsoldaten - Strijders
To be honest, Rupelsoldaten were out of the spotlight for way too long. Reggae Geel is only complete when these guys are there, so the fact that they're releasing new bangers like this just guaranteed our summer! One love!

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