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Bladee came, saw the crowd at Trix and left again

Swedish rapper, designer and part of Drain Gang Bladee came to Trix last week to do the show he was supposed to do at Faded Weekender last year. The cloud rapper is known for his use of auto-tune and sad lyrics, and at Trix, it was no different. Not that the fans were worried about that, as they all sang along with his latest album Red Light. For about half an hour, because that’s when Bladee decided to go off stage and leave the crowd even more depressed than they already were.

Review by Yaell Monas, pictures by Bavo Goossens & Koby Ignoul

Part of Drain Gang, a friend of Yung Lean and only 24 years old. Bladee was a promising name on the Trix line-up. As he already postponed his show last year, the fans were eager to get a glimpse of the young rapper. He started his show on time, and it seemed to start off as a good show. And for many fans it was. Moshpits opened faster than he switched songs, half of the crowd was screaming the lyrics as if they were about to start crying and everyone fell in love with the cloud rapper once again. Bladee had conquered the hearts of Antwerp. For a while.

Bladee at Trix
Picture by Bavo Goossens


Bladee is known for using autotune and we get it, but even in between the songs he didn’t skip autotune for a second which made his voice seem like a computer. It almost seemed as if you could just listen to his Spotify account, and it would sound exactly the same. Don’t get us wrong, we love his mix of trap and alternative RnB. But we’d love to see it live too. Not that the fans noticed, or were bothered. They loved the show of Bladee, got dressed up for it. It was a goth clique gathering, including big shirts with aggressive prints on it, tucked in cargo pants and jewellery. Of course, the blue hair and Xanax couldn’t stay home either. Antwerp was ready and excited. A little too much, or so it seems.


The rapper doesn’t do interviews, doesn’t like photographers on stage and likes to keep everything lowkey. But the crowd was high key excited, so they started getting on stage. Not just one, or maybe two fans. We’re talking about ten or even more fans, crawling on stage screaming their heart out. Is that why Bladee left after about half an hour? Was the audience too much? Did he think it was inappropriate for his fans to come on stage? We have no clue. Leaving the crowd behind disappointed to death, this was not what we expected. Come on man, your crowd waited for you and was excited. What else do you want?

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