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New artist to watch: Bros Bros debuts first single ‘Melodie’ with Darrell Cole

From playing the bass as a support act for Seal, to now releasing his own single with Darrell Cole: Bros Bros is a musical all-rounder. Not new to the game, but new to the scene.

Article by Eline Rymenans

Bros Bros gained his musical experience as a self-taught bassist and performing as a support act. But now, he's ready to blossom on his own as a producer and DJ. Debut single 'Melodie' combines his bouncy beats with riveting rhymes by Darrell Cole. With the track also comes an instrumental B-side song 'Champion'.

“The track 'Melodie' is a metaphoric idea of having this love/hate relationship with music. We used the metaphor of a relationship to make this passionate feeling seem more familiar and relatable to everyone. Ultimately, love will win these constant battles.”

Later this year, Bros Bros will be launching his first album 'The Journey', chronicling his past and how he got here.

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