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Bros Bros is bringing the heat with new duo-release

It’s only been a month since Belgian producer Bros Bros debuted with the single ‘Melodie’, which was accompanied by the instrumental track ‘Champion’. But he was just getting started. Today, he’s back at it with a second duo-release called ‘For My Money/Wanna Know Your Name’.

Text by Jeroen Poelmans

Although he started off as a self-taught bassist, Bros Bros is now slowly making name for himself in the urban music scene. His refreshing, tasteful songs remind of Kaytranada, as they are stuffed with sunny soul-samples, dreamy synths and deep, bouncy bass.

For his new duo-release, he joined forces with the 25-year-old Antwerp rapper Fred Gata, whose voice is as relaxing and warm as a summer breeze and suggests the forcefulness of Goldlink. And there’s no time to cool down: ‘Wanna Know Your Name’, with the lush synths, eerie vocals and crispy drums, just carries on the heat.

We’re already longing for Bros Bros' debut album ‘The Journey’, that’s expected to drop later this year!

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