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How Chance The Rapper’s Grammy Nominations Are Making History

His album Coloring Book was released on the Internet earlier this year and peaked in charts worldwide. Now it might come as no surprise that Chance The Rapper is one of the nominees for the 59th edition of the Grammy’s in 2017!  He will be competing in no less than seven categories, including Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance (“No problem”) and Best Rap Album. The nomination of this album is causing an uproar, since it has a big chance of going into history as the first solely online-streamed album to be awarded a Grammy nomination ever! The Chicago-based MC already showed his gratitude towards everyone who worked with him on the project in a tweet yesterday morning.

Coincidentally (or not?) earlier this week Zac Ache uploaded a complilation of the rapper’s favourite noises. It took him ten days of listening to the three albums, from front to back and to the front again, to pull this off. So hold up. Wait a minute. And let him put some nanana’s, igh’s, coughs, yeah’s and uhuh’s in it:



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