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Chase Award winner Rare Akuma drops new SAINT! video exclusively on Chase!

It has only been a week since Antwerp based rapper Rare Akuma won our Chase Award at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards. Today, he releases the new video clip of his track SAINT!, featuring Benz Pharaoh, exclusively on Chase. The song is a part of his EP 'it'll be okay.', which was released at the beginning of October.

Text by Ashley Okwuego, header picture by Lucas Heirbout

For this clip, Rare Akuma joined forces with videographer Joachim Pierre. It's not the first time that these two have worked together. However, it was Rare Akuma himself who was the director of this video clip. He always wanted to be a screenwriter and director, and has now made his full debut with this music video.

We can say that the clip is a kind of pilot episode, as it's the first part of a story that Akuma wants to tell us. From now on, he wants to raise the bar of his video productions and uses this clip as a showcase. The video was shot in an abandoned mansion where Akuma and his friend Benz are staying. Akuma is on the phone and invites some people over for a party. While Benz smoothly finishes his first verse, you see the friends arriving at the mansion. The story is simple, but with this clip, Akuma wants to show that his very first professional video is a fact!

"Today's society has an abundance of stimuli, stress, and worries, which became too much for me". The EP, 'it'll be okay.' wants to tell the message that stress is useless. Akuma hopes with all of his heart that other young people can identify with this and that he can convince at least one person, that worries and stress can only put your life on hold.

When we asked him about his opinion on winning the Chase 'New Urban' Award, he told us: “It’s not about if I win awards or not, I don’t do it for the awards. I did it for the art of it. Awards were always just a bonus. If I win or not shouldn’t have to (de)motivate me as an artist," he says. Word up!

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