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Chase December Spotify playlist: curated by Zoey Hasselbank

The Chase Spotify playlist gets updated every month by a new curator. This month, we chose Antwerp raised and Brussels based DJ Zoey Hasselbank. In her daily life, she goes by the name of Sarah Moponami. But as Zoey Hasselbank, she has already played at WeCanDance, Summerfestival, Vestival, and Fire Is Gold. The decks of Carré, The Villa, Bloody Louis, and Club 69 are not unknown to her either. Hit the follow button to listen to Hasselbank's favorite tracks of the moment and to stay up to date on next month's playlists!

Article by Ashley Okwuego

On Instagram and Twitter, Zoey calls herself Trapunzel. Her musical universe is mainly dark, trill, and trappy. "My favorite genre is trap. I can listen to other genres too such as pop and R&B. For example, I like to listen to DVSN, Billie Eilish, Sade, Daniel Caeser,... But my preference will always go to trap." she says. The Spotify list contains a good amount of trap music, mixed with some other genres.

In the playlist, you will also find some Belgian tracks, but mostly in French and English. Zoey: "I vibe a lot more to French and English Belgian songs, it's just more my thing than Dutch songs. A Belgian artist, who makes English music that I really like, is Demi Lou."

According to Zoey, N'seven7's OTT #1 is the littest song in the playlist. It always gets the crowd going. Zoey: "I usually play this song at a French club, but I have noticed that it's also working in Flemish clubs." The song she would close her set with is Tory Lanez's 'Jerry Sprunger' featuring T-Pain. According to her, it's the perfect mix between old school and new school!

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