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Chase Exclusive - Aarón - Snake ft. Kai Wén

Young and talented artist, Aarón is his name!

With his project "Aarón got barz", Aarón has started to make a name for himself and we love it! "Listeners can expect storytelling, motivating and emotional tracks" he says during our interview. These words speak for themselves. "Snake" is about a guy who's heartbroken. For this song he collaborated with Kevin Kembo also know as  Kai Wén who was one of the winners of "De Nieuwe Lichting 2017".

Why do you love making music?

I really love it because I've been having that talent in me ever since I was a kid. The crazy thing is, I've been avoiding my musical skills for a very long time given the fact that I'm a very big football fan. I never took music seriously until I started to put out some content in October 2016 and saw how positive the people responded to it. I do it because my love and passion for music is just huge.

Every artist has its own style of working. What is yours?

Before entering a studio or writing a song, I always pray. I'm a Christian and for me it is important to put God first in everything I do. In the studio I like to have people around me so that the vibe can be shared. Furthermore they can always come up with good ideas you never know. When I want to write a song, I usually like to have the beat first so that I can determine what kind of flow I'm gonna use and what the subject will be. As far as writing is concerned, it all starts in my head. I can come up with a couple of bars and I'll continue to develop them in my head. Then I write them down and save them on my phone.

What is your biggest goal as an artist?

I want people to not just understand but also to respect my vision. My goal is to show to people that it is possible to be a rapper with sane values in the rapgame. Whoever said that you can't mix your religious convictions with music is wrong. It is perfectly doable. The image of hip hop is being destroyed but there are some artists that do everything to save and restore it. That's the artist I want to be. Meeting amazing artists and sharing moments or having intellectual conversations with them would be way more beneficial for me. I don't want to think constantly about making money. Money comes and goes. It is important but it shouldn't be THE priority.​

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