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Chase Exclusive - Beatsforbeaches ft Léon - They Know

We recently met Beatsforbeaches when he visited our studio during the recording of Léon's Chase Verses which we will drop tomorrow. Beatsforbeaches is a well known and respected Brussels based producer and DJ. Always pushing new talent such as Léon, who is featured on this track we bring you exclusively on Chase Today. Beatsforbeaches his new EP will also drop tomorrow. Expect wavy, ambient beats and smooth subtle bass lines and travel to places far far away which you never thought existed.


How would you describe your music?

Always a difficult question, to which I give a different answer most of the times, but I would describe this EP as alternative pop music. It covers almost every genre out there so that’s better than saying it has no genre, right? 

What does making music mean to you?

Drifting around where there’s no such thing as time or even space. It's a place I like to go to in an attempt to lose myself for a couple of hours. It’s very yoga in a way. When I’m making music with friends the experience is very different then when making music on my own. There’s more energy in the studio then and I never have a clue of what is going to happen music wise. I like both experiences. 


Where does your inspiration come from?

Brussels, it’s all about Brussels. One weekend I can go to the jazz marathon, the next weekend I go to a hardcore street rave or an experimental art festival in Beursschouwburg or Recyclart. You can find all kinds of music & people in this raw city.

There's so much musical energy in Brussels right now that it inspires me to be a part of this movement. People like Le Motel, SKY H1, Yellowstraps, Stikstof, Kassett, Pim from Crevette Records, Phasm… and many others are giving the city exciting times.


What can we expect from the new EP who's coming out tomorrow?

This EP was created during the winter so it sounds colder, darker and includes some ambient & indie vibes. I noticed the weather has a big influence on my music. If you like artists like Bonobo, Mount Kimbie or Jamie XX, you will probably enjoy this EP.


HARAS EP available on all streaming platforms from May 12th. Follow Beatforbeaches on Facebook and Soundcloud!

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