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Chase Exclusive - Eddy Ape - Juste Une Chance

The Brussels hip-hop scene just keeps on drawing attention! This week, Chase Exclusive focuses on the up-and-coming artist Eddy Ape. With only a few projects on his record, we can say he made his way graciously and in style!

How would you describe your music?

I’m not only a rapper but also a singer. I wouldn’t be able to categorize my music. I just see it as an open window to my soul and my sweetest thoughts... and even to my most violent ones. If I had to summarize it in two words it would be: Sweet & Spicy.

What does making music mean to you?

Making music is a way to free myself, to express the deepest part of my soul in order to give a sound to my feelings and to create a melody. Actually, if you're passionate about anything, it's only about doing what you love the most.

At first music inspires people. Where does your inspiration come from?

When it comes to inspiration; let’s say I didn't make my way into hip-hop music like others artists. I didn't grow up in a hip-hop or rap environment. What's funny is that today I'm a rapper even though I wasn't used to listening to it at all. Indeed, my parents mostly listen to artists like Dalida, Julio Iglésias, Charles Aznavour or even Celine Dion or Patrick Bruel. It was the honey-toned voice of the Italian singer Henri Salvador that made me love music to a point I'm not even capable of describing. He is my spiritual leader. His melodies are enchanting and his art makes me dream. But, anyway, to make it short: my past, mangas - I'm a kind of geek - and above all women are my source of inspiration.

What should we remember about you?

Remember that Eddy is a peace man who tries to give orgasms to your ears. It is all about love! “Let’s make love and not war” is the motto. I want people to make love to my songs like they do to some of Marvin Gaye's or Barry White's tunes.


Well, we'll take his word for it!

That groovy flow you are about to hear is signed by Eddy Ape. Enjoy it!

Download this track for free on our Soundcloud page.

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