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Chase Exclusive - Fanthom - Let’s Get Down

#JuiceAlert. You may have known him as Adeliciousday but let me introduce you Fanthom, the new genuine face of Alexandre Désiré Mestag. We can say that the 21-years-old man from Brussels is a very discrete artist but we assure you that he's really worth listening to. Rapper, singer, producer and writer Fanthom has built a high-minded universe over the years that he describes as his own jungle. As a member of Krisy's label, Le Jeune Music, and featured on multiple collaborations with artists like Kai Wén, Nixon, we will continue to hear about him in the future, won't we? Keep an eye on him!

We used to know you as Adeliousday. Why Fanthom now?

As I became a young man, I thought it was time for a change: musically and as a person. Adeliciousday used to be about partying, not giving a fuck, drinking alcohol etc. Fanthom or The Fanthom Panther was behind the scenes of this crazy lifestyle. The music still sounds fun. It’s still high tempo beats but the content is more about why people drink or do drugs, what they run away from by being in clubs so much. It is about the struggle of being alone or having too many partners, about being lost in this world full of temptations and sins. The Fanthom Panther is who I am, a solitary being who likes to be in his own ‘jungle’. I don’t like people to know what I’m doing or where I am. I like my privacy. I think 'Let’s Get Down' was really my last song as Adeliciousday. All the new songs sound like Fanthom.

What do you pursue by making music?

To be honest, I pursue nothing. As an artist music is my therapy, it is my form of expression. Me as a person, I want to have an impact on people’s lives and I want my music to be something people can escape to. If you have a rough day, or you feel some kind of way, just put my record on and come into my world. I don’t even think about selling records, I just want you to enjoy the feeling. As a writer, I have a lot more to offer. I wrote for several artists already and I want to continu doing this. I feel like I have many ideas that my own voice can not cover, but other people can.

How do you perceive the music industry nowadays?

The music industry is interesting. As every industry it is filled with sharks but that’s nothing new. A lot of people tend to say you can not make money anymore in music. I think people are just too lazy to figure out how to make money. I kind of have fun with the music industry, I educated myself on how it works and I try to make the best out of it. But if you’re not approaching me for the love of the music, it’s hard to cut me a deal.

Quote a lyric you can’t get enough of it.

"I see no changes wake up in the morning and I ask myself Is life worth living should I blast myself?"


Listen to 'Let's Get Down' and obviously get down with this turn-up vibe. Listen to it on our Soundcloud Page.

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