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Chase Exclusive - LeBobby - Bobby Chacha

Get ready to discover your new favorite rising artist from Brussels: LeBobby, who we had the pleasure of watching on a Friday night at the Subsaul in Brussels. His energy and his feel good melodies leave the audience all turnt and mindblown, especially when you get to know this artist throughout the show. Catch his vibe below!

Tell us a bit about yourself, LeBobby, who is the artist and the person behind this name?

I’m Hicham from Brussels, aka LeBobby, Bob, and I’m 26 years old. I've been a rapper in the shadows for a while until I decided to go public; especially to enjoy being a musician and to break my daily routine. Through rap, I quickly found a way to speak out my on feelings and to share them with my listeners.

How would you describe your current music?

I feel that I’m still trying to find my own path. I would say it's both an advantage and a disadvantage. Also, I always put myself in a condition of creating new things, of coming up with dope and relevant bars. Then, like most of musicians, I keep up with music. What I mean is that I make what's current today even though I’m not a huge fan of everyone using similar beats. I'd rather create my own magic.


Let’s talk about your musical inspirations for a bit. Which musicians and songwriters have been your greatest influences?

I like to say that I’m attracted to what seems impossible to reach for me, like Kendrick Lamar’s music, without a doubt. When I was younger, I was really into 90’s 00’s R&B like Aaliyah, Ginuwine, 112, Boyz II Men and so on but I 've always been listening to rap.

Furthermore, I used to be hooked on The Neptunes’ music. I was fascinated by the quality of their prods, the way you can listen to pop tones or very street vibes on the same track. You would always recognize the signature of the duet in it. From that, I started to widen my curiosity and to compose my own productions.

Today, I devour not only American rap but also French rap like Lomepal who is my artist of the moment. His last project “flip” is on repeat. I also like Némir and Nepal.


What do you think is the relationship between lyrics & poetry? How do you feel it is imbedded in the music industry  nowadays ?

When it comes to rap these days, there's no longer this boundary that forces you to deliver a message through your track. I don’t feel that people are still sticking to the lyric game. The demand has changed; it's not the same anymore and it has significantly changed the process of creation. As a result, both fans of thoughtful and less thoughtful lyrics will find what they want.

I feel like the rap game will continue to develop into new forms. That’s why we shouldn’t stick to an “ideal” because there's a need for all tastes and that's what's gonna ensure hip hop prosperity!


Download the track on our Soundcloud Page and check out LeBobby on Soundcloud while you're at it.

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