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Chase Exclusive - New ATL - Mwf Gotta Know

We’re back with a new Chase Exclusive, putting young and talented local artists in the spotlights! We love us some minimal trap here at Chase headquarters, and New ATL, a talented young rapper from Brussels, has got it covered with “Mwf Got To Know”, demonstrating his shuffley flow on lovely minimal trap beat. Listen to "Mwf Got To Know" and read all about New ATL here!



Hi New ATL, could you introduce yourself?
I am Kenny Basi, a.k.a. West a.k.a. New ATL. I’m 20 years old. I grew up in a house filled with music. I live and breath music, and I try to grow as an artist every day. I make tracks whenever I can, and I often meet up and work with my friends and producers Mondanny, Migoho and IUMO.

Why did you call yourself New ATL?
My music is mostly inspired by the Atlanta scene, so that’s where my artist name comes from. It’s a good name, uncomplicated and easy to remember, so I think it works well.

What do you want your music to evoke in your audience?
I always try to communicate my mood while writing a song, I want my audience to join my universe, look at the world through my eyes. And I hope that they hear my message and run with it.

What do you hope to achieve with your music?
I want to keep improving and ultimately make some of the best hip hop music in Belgium.

Download “Mwf Gotta Know” for free.


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