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Chase Verses - KINZIMI & LENI (prod. by BELLARDI)

Kinzimi and Leni have all the ingredients of young talent: passion, enthusiasm, and that fire in their eyes. They’re relatively new to the game but ready to make people know their names. Keep an eye on these guys, because they’re going places.

Both artists will also perform at Urban32 in Brussels on Saturday, November 27. They will be joined by the artists from past and upcoming Chase Verses. The event is free but make sure to register through this link.


Kinzimi is an up-and-coming talent with Congolese roots, who doesn't stick to one single style of music. Halle is his hometown and charisma his middle name. He has released several tracks/video clips on YouTube and on most of the well-known streaming platforms.

His raps are inspired by his own adventurous life and thoughts. At the moment, he has been officially releasing tracks for more than 3 years and has done quite a few shows, so he knows better than anyone how to play and entertain an audience. Kinzimi still releases music on a monthly basis because, as you know, “practice makes perfect”. HE’s well on his way to make a name all over Belgium and, who knows, maybe throughout the rest of the world.


Originally from Arlon, Leni is a young eclectic rapper, who reflects the spirit of his times. He made his debut with traditional boom-bap before quickly evolving towards trap, all while making his mark.

Digital and innovative, his music depicts the life of youth in search of their identity. His influences range from Lino to Laylow.

His latest project "62", an album of 11 tracks, is now available on Spotify.


Moroccan-Belgian producer Bellardi has been working with Kinzimi for quite some time, so it only seemed smart to keep the power duo united during our Chase Verses.

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