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Chase Verses - MANLIKE & ZANG KONDO (prod. by ROCCO)

You know how Belgium can be confusing at times with its 6 governments, and multiple languages? Well, Chase Verses said “no more”. We’re here to bridge the divide between - ‘les Flamands’ and ‘de Walen’. First step: get people to rap together. This is why we brought together Mons rapper Zang Kondo and Antwerp’s Manlike. They collaborate over a beat by Brussels producer Rocco.

Both artists will also perform at Urban32 in Brussels on Saturday, November 27. They will be joined by the artists from past and upcoming Chase Verses. The event is free but make sure to register through this link.


Joshua, better-known as Manlike (@nomanlikejosh) is a 19-year-old Dutch rapper from Antwerp

He’s known for having crazy punchlines and serving barz on barz on barz. His musical ventures started two years ago when he released his first single named “Soort Zoekt Soort”. You can still find it on YouTube. He finds inspiration for his music in what he’s been through in the past, but also in whatever he’s living in the present. His introduction stated “I hope to become the best in what I do” and we believe he’s already on the right track!


Zang Kondo is an artist of Guinean origin, from Mons. During his youth, he was strongly influenced by the Guinean music that was played at home. Later, he also became interested in the United States. Especially the music produced by artists from Atlanta. He currently listens to Lil Baby, Gunna, Future, ...

He started writing at the age of 14. Since then, rap has been a constant in his life. Today, a few years later, he is ready to unleash his musical universe onto the public. His first tracks will be available on streaming platforms before the end of 2021.


Besides being an incredible 3D artist (he’s even done some work for Trippie Redd), Rocco also spends his days producing beats, which you can find on his Soundcloud.

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