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Chase Verses: watch Roedel perform “Night Shop” and “Prins Van Egypte”

A couple of weeks ago, we joined forces with Luie Louis for a new episode of Chase Verses. He presented his brand new ‘The Golden Classics EP’, which includes reworks of some of his most essential songs (both from his debut EP and Roedel ’s ‘Hondsdolheid’ album).

Text by Jeroen Poelmans, picture by Eline Rymenans

He didn’t come alone: Roedelboys Rikky Rozay, Stef, Brakka Briesje and, of course, Tusais joined him. The result? Another Chase Verses episode! Not with reworks, but with pure, original tracks from ‘Hondsdolheid’.

Watch Roedel perform “Night Shop” and “Prins Van Egypte” below!

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