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Chase x Bomboclat (23 & 24/08): lineup of the talks, DJ sets and shops

This weekend, August 23 & 24, you can catch the Chase community at Bomboclat festival! We'll present you our first Chase x Bomboclat #culturecrossing, at the heart of the festival situated on Zeebrugge beach. Next to the regular program, you can split your time between talks about diversity and representation, DJ sets, shops and a food market. Let's take a closer look at what we got for you!

Text by Chloé Galmiche Quinot

We searched all over Belgium to bring to you some topnotch DJs, ready to make you dance on the best afro beats, dancehall, reggae, hip-hop and more! Between the music sets, author Dalilla Hermans and Chase founder Sven De Coninck will host talks about diversity and representation with some interesting guests, invited by Dalilla herself. Last but not least, you'll also be able to find a market at the Chase x Bomboclat #culturecrossing, curated by Laetitia Sabiti. The market will be filled with local-owned shops featuring makeup, body- and hair care products, clothing, handmade art, decoration and more.


16:00-16:40 Xavier Taveirne talk

If his name doesn't ring a bell, his voice will! Xavier Taveirne is known to the general public as news anchor of 'Het Journaal', presenter on Radio 1, former 'Slimste Mens ter Wereld' and program creator at Eén and Canvas. Apart from his interesting career in media and way of life, he has a strong passion for (untold) stories and a well-developed curiosity.

16:40-17:30 Pllow DJ set

Always looking for unique sonorities, Brussels-based DJ Pllow feeds herself with different musical influences from the motherland. Pllow calls herself a hip-hop kid but also connects with other sounds that touch her soul, such as afro-futurism, neo-soul and Caribbean and Latin influences.

17:30-18:10 Anthony Nti & Chingiz Karibekov talk

Anthony Nti and Chingiz Karibekov are two young filmmakers with their feet rooted in our highly diverse society. They worked together on internationally awarded short movies such as 'Boi', video clips such as 'Ewa Ja' for SLM and gave workshops for kids and youngsters. At the moment, they're working on the script for their first feature film.

18:10-19:30 Azer DJ set

Azer is not only the Chase editor in chief but also a well-respected hip-hop DJ. He fell in love with hip-hop in the nineties, and never stopped loving it since. Azer watches both to the past and the future, so he knows how to mix 70's hip-hop with fresh tunes, waiting to be discovered.

19:30-20:10 Chrostin talk

Illustrator and author Christina De Witte, aka Chrostin, is known for the hilarious cartoons she makes for her own social media channels as well as for magazines like Flair. Last year, she published her first book 'The Ultimate Survival Guide to Being a Girl' in which she talks about life, school, adulting, body image, love and much more. In addition, she is an important voice in the (social) media landscape, a hilariously funny woman and one who dares to stand for something: we like!

20:10-21:40 Tera Kòrá DJ set

Hailing from the Caribbean island Curaçao, Tera Kora uses both his experience with trap music and elements from his tropical background. His productions are a sunlit blend of contemporary urban music, dancehall and soul, in what he likes to call ‘Soulswing’.

21:40-23:45 Chase B2B

Dalilla Hermans, Bomboclat festival, Chase x bomboclat
Dalilla Hermans last year at Bomboclat


14:30-15:30 Ravi Bongo DJ set

Ravi Bongo is just starting off but already claiming his niche with native African music styles as Kwaito, Afro-House, Gqom and Afrofusion. Be there and you'll be able to say "I saw him on his first sets" with a proud arrogant smile on your face.

15:30-16:00 Aya Sabi talk

We start day two of the talks at the #culturecrossing with the fantastic Aya Sabi. This young Limburg writer, columnist and poet with Moroccan roots has succeeded in raising social themes in a clear but open way and alternates opinion with beautiful prose. Her book 'Verkruimeld Land' was published last year.

16:00 - 16:30 Ravi Bongo DJ set

16:30-17:10 Rrita Jashari talk

You probably know Rrita Jashari as the music programmer of VK or as her being part of the 54kolaktiv. Apart from this, she also has a background in organising parties, socio-cultural projects, etc. In Brussels, especially Molenbeek, she uses music to develop different communities.

17:10-18:10 Rrita Jashari DJ set

Besides being a guest speaker, Rrita loves a good dancehall & afrobeats fusion without being too much of a purist. Guilty pleasures or underground gems? It’ll depend on her mood!

18:10-18:50: Tracy Tansia & Reine Nkiambote talk

These two women with Congolese roots have strong experiences as journalists, writers, politicians and they like sharing their opinions... In their Yaya Talks podcasts, they cover many interesting topics (family, friends, dating, culture, etc.), the tricky ones with joy and humour or seriousness when it's needed.

18:50-19:30: Nyira Hens & Jaouad Alloul talk

Nyira Hens and Jaouad Alloul are theatre-makers, performers, singers and activists. Together they started the Behuman collective, which connects people and stories as they did during the first People of Color pride organised in Antwerp.

19:30-20:30 Susobrino DJ set

Being one of the most exciting global beats producers of Belgium, Susobrino takes you on a trip around the world without losing touch with his Bolivian roots. Susobrino likes energetic music for his sets, so be ready to move!

20:30-21:10: Anouk Torbeyns, Lieven Kandolo and Don Pandzou talk

Anouk Torbeyns, Lieven Kandolo and Don Pandzou conclude the talks at the #culturecrossing. Anouk is an editor and journalist / columnist at Charlie Magazine and Lieven and Don are - in addition to a wide range of other things - the authors of the Yaya na Leki series in De Standaard, in which these two young Belgians with Congolese roots write each other a letter .

21:10-22:30 Yooth DJ set

Known as 'Fixmar' around the Chase offices and 'Swingmar' on the dancefloor, second Chase team-member Yooth curated the #culturecrossing DJ lineup. At Bomboclat, he will make you dance to what he describes as “afro-brazilian rhythms with a pinch of soul”.

22:30-23:45 Jiem DJ set

Fresh BXL-kid on the block serving you the urban club bangers, that's Jiem!

Are you ready to join us? Get your tickets on the Bomboclat website or join our giveaway on Instagram before it's too late!

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