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Chibi Ichigo releases debut EP ‘Legenda’

Get ready, 'cause our homegirl Chibi Ichigo has finally released her debut EP! She has been grinding to finish this project, ever since she released her first single 'Russian Snow' about a year ago.

Text by Melissa Awouters and Lilia Kaberova

'Legenda' consists of 8 tracks, with most of the production done by Chuki Beats, except for the title track, which was produced by UM!. The debut EP seems to be very personal, emotional and therefore very honest. In her lyrics, Chibi Ichigo shows herself as vulnerable and tender, however, strong and independent.

The themes she touches upon on her first EP are love, family, friendship, loneliness, betrayal and inner freedom. Mainly singing in Russian, Chibi Ichigo spices it up with English rhymes. There are also two features on the EP: one by Krisy, rapping in French, and one by Berry, rapping in Dutch.

Last week, Chibi Ichigo already released the videoclip for 'Secret'. The video, directed by Chibi herself, shows cellphone footage which she secretly shot while being on a trip in Japan. Meanwhile she's Facetiming with the people who are of importance to her and her music. You might discover some familiar faces... Check it out!

Wanna know more about Chibi? Check our interview from last March!

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