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Desperados DIY Sound Stage with KiNK

Many of us sip a couple of chilled Desperados during hot summer nights or maybe at a club with friends. It doesn’t matter where you drink it, with Desperados you can turn any place into a party. With that spirit in mind, the beer brand invited up to 300 party people to an old sugar factory in Amsterdam. People from all around the globe came together for the first ever international D.I.Y. mobile sound stage performance, led by legendary producer KiNK. We got invited to join this unique experiment.

Chase tagged along with Belgium’s DJ and Q-Music radio host Jolien Roets a.k.a. J Roots and producer/DJ Todiefor, who you might know from his recent track Cool Kids with Caballero & JeanJass. We're just a small part of the many partygoers coming from Romania and Egypt all the way to the Netherlands.

Together, we went on a musical journey during which we created a sound library full of unique sounds. We got to experiment with modular synths and recordings of the city sounds of Amsterdam. We even screened our own pretty faces onto a record sleeve and shook our legs loose until it was time to go back to sleep. Not to mention the ice bucket in our hotel room.

Make your own sounds with the world's first DIY sound stage by Desperados

Everything we got to do that evening all led up to the main event: the Desperados W.T.F. (Watt The Frequency) Sound Stage. KiNK created the exclusive track 'I Can See Through You' for this interactive live party. The Bulgarian-based musician did not only perform as a producer and DJ, but was also the conductor of the evening. He successfully guided the musicians through the live experiment. Each of them using one of the 8 different sound systems as an instrument.

Every custom built sound system was inspired on the local music scene of its country of origin. These countries included France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. The sound systems used varied materials such as faders attached to organs, electronic oil drums and even disused cars. The result was a widespread musical ecosystem, which produced a set of unorthodox sounds. The experiment established a never-seen-before interaction between music producer and partygoer.

The Desperados Sound System established a never-seen-before interaction between music producer and partygoer

Bulgarian producer KiNK has built quite the reputation over the last decades. Known for his constant search for innovative sounds and experimenting with modular software synths, KiNK was the perfect man to take on such an experimental DIY project.

"DIY music is all about breaking the rules, because there simply are no rules to break!"

“Desperados Sound Stage was wild. I’ve never had the chance to experiment with such unique sound systems before,” KiNK stated. “There were moments when the sounds and music worked perfectly together and of course, there were a few mistakes along the way, but that's the spirit of DIY music. It's all about breaking the rules, because there simply are no rules to break!”

This experiment was the fifth in a series of unbelievably cool party experiences. Previous experiences include SkyFest, the world’s first electronic light orchestra in hot air balloons and Bassdrop, a zero gravity party on board of a plane that flew above the Nevada desert. If you want your brand to look cool, you might as well just be cool.

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