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Disconnected: exploring reality with Zalando, Adidas #supercourt, and Sevdaliza

It's hard to imagine a world without the presence of mobile phones - especially in a party setting. At a recent Sevdaliza concert in Berlin, Zalando & Adidas challenged the guests to become disconnected from the digital world. While taking part in the event, we asked creatives like Paris-based voguing artist Giselle from The House of Revlon and Berlin-based art collective SOULKISSESARTS how unplugging influenced their creative process & audience participation. Check what they have to say on our Instagram.

Article by Jacob McPherson

Consciously disconnecting for an entire night allows for new experiences. With Zalando & Adidas' 'phones down / hands free' concept, they're encouraging more offline moments - extending beyond a single party.

Phone lockers


A perfect companion for disconnecting, the white leather #supercourt shoe is meant to be sported in both urban and natural environments. Wearers are encouraged to show their personal identity through scuffs, marks, and stains. The sneaker serves as a blank canvas for people to create their own story.

We love how Supercourt is a companion for all of us when we go outside, leaving our phones behind for a couple of hours and getting inspired by the reality of the offline world. - Matthias Haase, creative.lab @ Zalando


There's often a feeling that unplugging means missing out on important social interactions. However, during the Sevdaliza concert - not being attached to a phone proved liberating. Since everyone else wasn't regularly checking their devices, we were prompted to find other ways of connecting. Without the pressure of creating content during the event, there was an overall sense of ease.

Sevdaliza's intimate presence embodied the organic spirit Zalando & Adidas aimed to create throughout the evening. With pure vocals, Sevdaliza's hypnotic R&B-infused rhythmic melodies captured everyone's attention. As the audience couldn't Instagram or film the concert - all eyes were on the performance. Born Sevda Alizadeh, the Iranian-Dutch artist shared her groove filled universe with everyone, and we were all there - fully present for the ride.

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