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Dyce talks about the love he gets from Russia in our latest Talksik podcast episode

In the second episode of our Talksik podcast, Dyce explains how a review of his ‘Race’ video clip by Russian game vlogger Tyler or Тайлер, got him an engaged Russian audience.

Tune in to find out more about this promising artist who prefers Lil Wayne over Pusha T when it comes to bars and currently swears by a DIY approach, with music, lyrics, mixing, mastering, and artwork all done by the man himself.

Host: Jazzy Bench, Sound: Zediam, Camera: Sacha Claes, Edit: Chris Ansong, Jingle: AIME13, Logo: Yoshi Ono. This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of Vlaams Journalistiek Fonds / Flemish Journalism Fund.

Talksik is our first Chase Music podcast and is hosted by Jazzy & co-host Zediam. In this series, we want to give you an inside look into the lives of Belgian artists. We talk about the ups and downs of building an artistic career and the challenges we face as a society. In the first episode, we invited comedian Serine Ayari. For the second episode, we welcome the Leuven-based artist Dyce, also known as ‘Ayo Dyce’ or the next big thing in our Belgian hip-hop scene.

Dyce dropped his debut EP ‘Y’ in November 2019 followed by his latest single ‘i don’t wanna kill myself, yet, but i’ve thought about it’ in February 2020. If you have been paying attention you might recognize Dyce as part of Rewind, who won the silver medal at Humo’s Rock Rally 2016. He was only 16 years back then and definitely used the time between now and then to develop his own sound, skills, and visual style.

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