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Dzia’s most memorable places in the world

Dzia is a known name in the street art scene. This Belgian muralist has been travelling all over the world to add self-proclaimed 'fauna flair' to walls. His artwork often displays animals like birds and foxes in a mosaic style with bold lines. All while working in an urban setting. He took some time to chat with us about the most remarkable trips he made as a street artist.

Røst, Norway

I went to Røst for the Upnorth Festival. It's tiny fishing island with a small population. Traffic is almost non-existent and everybody knows each other. It was surreal to me because at that time there was almost no difference between day and night. I was working without any realisation of time. But at the same time, the vast amount of sun was energising to me.

Shanghai, China

I had some preconceptions about China to be honest. So during my stay, I experienced a big culture shock. They are very advanced. Everyone drives electrical scooters, payments (big and small) get done via phone apps. People look at you crazy when you try to pay in cash for a metro-ticket. Back there, I painted a mural about to spread awareness about endangered animals. It's something that often recurs in my work.

Turin, Italy

Turin has an industrial history. I made a mural for Bunker, a former military base, which transformed to a social-cultural NGO. It's a remote underground/urban space and they have been inviting artists to do murals for a few years now. The youth comes together to enjoy music, and sports from yoga to rock climbing. I experienced the open and tolerant atmosphere. Even though I didn't understand the language at all.

Camden, London, UK

I find London too chaotic. But it's still in my top five because that bustle also has it's charms. Its a good place to start when you are into street art. Murals are embedded in the landscape, every week there's something new to see. London's a place that's quite tolerant towards street art in comparison to Belgium. But it also means that people are more likely to walk by and not notice your work.

Azores, Furnas, Portugal

The Azores is a tiny volcanic isle with a year-round pleasant climate. There's black beaches, rocky mountains and valleys. Terro Nosta is a primal garden with Jurassic Park vibes, it has pools with temperatures of 37 to 38 degrees. I felt strongly connected with nature. This trip wasn't work-related. After peak season I always travel and look for a place to recharge and connect with myself.

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