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Elodie Imani: “My first EP ‘Tripping in Honey’ will reflect my search for purpose”

Elodie Imani currently lives in Ghent and already began experimenting with different sounds at a young age. It took her some time to emerge, as it was important for her to find her personal style. She recently released her first single 'Lose First' with Pelican Street Studios and will release her debut EP ‘Tripping in Honey’ soon.

Interview by Mattiece David

Why did you name your first EP ‘Tripping in Honey’?

Last year, I was having a huge search within myself. I had to figure out what I wanted to do in the future and what I needed in my personal life. So my first EP reflects something special, you could call it my ‘quest’ or my ‘search for life’. Besides, I’m of Persian origin and my second name means ‘honey’ in Iranian. If you listen to the album, you’ll recognise some soul and pop, but also some Persian influences.

How long have you been working on your music?

I made this EP in about a year, but it took me a while to discover my sound. I wanted to stick to my roots, but also experiment with new genres. Three years ago, I started to take music seriously and started to deepen into the process of producing something. In the meantime, I learned more about specific software and invested in some musical tools. I went to Pelican Street Studios (a new studio in Ghent) and finished my track together with Matthieu Van Laethem and Mathieux Lenoir, the owners of Pelican Street Studios.

My friends and family didn’t know about my passion for music until I started writing this album. I sometimes sang during jam sessions, and that's how I met Mathieux. We started to experiment with my voice and decided to record an EP. Our vibe is really good, we already developed a special musical connection.

Elodie Imani Chase

With which artist would your dream collab be?

Honestly, I can’t think of one specific artist. There are so many artists who have inspired me while making my album. I grew up with a lot of different influences, as my mom listened to soulful sade or Iran music and my dad was rocking on the tracks of Black Sabbath and The Who. As long as my music gets better from it, I’m open to collaborate with all sorts of artists.

What are your plans for the upcoming months?

I’ll release my second single in March. The end of 2019 will be a busy time, as my EP will be available on all online platforms. And now that I finished my EP, I’m already up to new music, so be on the lookout!

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