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Chase Exclusive: Denali Wrench takes you on a trip through Molenbeek in his first videoclip

Denali Wrench came to life in the bedroom of Bruxellois Julien Tanghe, a.k.a. alcazar gringo (JAKOMO). On stage, he gets accompanied by Staf Nys (Gustav Leo) and Ewout Decraene (Rhinos Are People Too). These self-proclaimed romantic badboiis bring a sound that's easy to listen to, but still knows how to surprise. The use of danceable beats and catchy guitar riffs doesn't keep them from obtaining a certain level of originality, that many others are possibly wishing for.

Written by Melissa Awouters

Flashback to last April, when Chase took a seat in the jury of 100% Talent, a contest for new urban talent straight outta Brussels. Five selected artists got the chance to prove their worth during a live performance in the center of the city. Denali Wrench really got to us with their mesmerising electronic sounds and Julien's smooth voice. “I didn’t fall asleep but I was dreaming.” That sort of sums it up.

'Biggest Flirt' is the first single of the debut EP 'totally bananas best of compilation'. We can't help but feel broken hearted when listening to this song. "My baby still hasn't written back to me, maybe she lost her phone." We feel you, dude. At least it's giving us something beautiful in return.

In this first video clip we take a trip through Molenbeek, where Julien has been living for the past year. Check out the exclusive premiere of biggest flirt by Denali Wrench down below.

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