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The hottest fashion trends for summer 2019

While spring is still in our little country, we're already looking forward to the hot summer evenings. Back to fashionable shorts and cool drinks with lots of ice cubes: #countdown! You can keep your outfit on point with some new or vintage items, rediscovering some old items in your closet or by mastering some new styling tricks. In general, the fashion trends for summer 2019 feature comfortable longer lengths and relaxed outerwear in flattering and fluid shapes.

Article by Renée Moreels, header picture by Urban Outfitters



Believe it or not, this '60s print is back and gives us an instant throwback to the hippie-times our parents used to tell us all about. Fortunately, this print is now served in an upgraded version by combining the patterns into tough jackets and dresses. Amazing combinations and a cool vibe are guaranteed with this style!

@American Apparel


This trend will be more challenging for some people than for others but this summer, we will be walking around in see-through materials. From bags to dresses, there are no more secrets!

Dr Martens via Urban Outfitters


While some designers swear by the uncomfortable and eye-catching stiletto heels, others like Prada, Valentino, Simone Rocha or Dr Martens are more thoughtful of our painful feet. And boy, we're looking forward to next season to walk around and please our feet in those comfortable and fancy statement flats. Long live this comfy trend!

fashion trends for summer 2019
@Urban Outfitters


The past year, cycling pants have stolen all the attention. Think of Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian that moved the trend from the runway to social media. But thank God, it will all be a bit looser next season. Knee length, short, high waisted or not, we're quickly changing our skirts into a more boyish alternative. Our new summer go-to and comfortable all the way!



Summer 2019 will be a fashion season inspired by our favourite neon markers! You could not miss them on the NYFW. We can look forward to a summer full of bright colours! How cool is that?!

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