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La Belle Hip-Hop screens docu on women in Middle Eastern hip-hop

La Belle Hip-Hop is a festival fully dedicated to women in the hip-hop world. It will start on International Women's Day on March 8. Female artists from over 8 countries will present their work during 8 days in different places in Brussels. The programme includes debates, concerts, events and artistic performances. The main message they want to convey through this festival is a message of respect and unity while living together. They want to break down stereotypes by promoting female artists in a world where men are still prominent on stage.

Article by Nora Nqi, picture by Amin Bendriss Photography

On Monday 11 March, LBHH will take place at University Saint-Louis and will welcome the documentary "Forte" from the filmmaker Salim Saab, a Franco-Lebanese journalist specialised in the hip-hop world. The documentary talks about the place of women in Middle East hip-hop culture. A debate on the issue will then follow with the filmmaker Salim Saab, Tunisian dancer and rapper Medusa, teacher at University Saint-Louis Maryam Kolly, expert in political diversity Fatima Zibouh and teacher at University of Liège Marco Martiniello .

"Forte" was born from the desire to show an image of Arabic women that is different from what we mostly see on the screen. The film shows women who express themselves through artistic fields such as dance, graffiti, tattooing and also but sports. Meanwhile, they're talking about their passions, their daily lives and the place of women in society. The featured women are mainly coming from Lebanon but also from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. "Forte" was written and realised by Salim Saab and lasts for 31 minutes.

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Check the full program of La Belle Hip-Hop here.

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