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Festival season 2019: follow us #beyondthemainstage!

Since the beginning of the 2019 festival season, Chase has been sending its best photographers, video makers and storytellers all over Belgium to bring you the best and the brightest of the festivals. With our hashtag #beyondthemainstage, our focus is on discovering new artists and exploring unexpected things within the urban festival universe. Follow us on Instagram if you don't want to miss a thing!

Article by Chloé Galmiche, picture by Antje Meiresonne

Get ready, because we are going to show you the little hidden gems you didn't know about before. All of this so next year you'll be able to say: "I knew these artists before they were famous". We will bring you the precursors, innovators and secret talents of the festivals. Discoveries you will be happy to keep for yourself and share with your closest friends. Creators you will be able to support and for who it will really count.


For that, our community of creators, talents and adventurers will take you with them on their expeditions. A whole team is behind this summer project and it's composed of creative and hard-working people who are waiting to share their passion with you.


We're not going to let you get depressed behind your smartphone screen, scrolling down on Instagram, dreaming of sun, gigs and fun. Indeed, we reserved you a few surprises. And by "surprises" we MAY mean giveaway tickets... or stickers. Or tickets. We don't know yet.

Follow us on Instagram to stay tuned and see what we got for you! #beyondthemainstage

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