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Five Fashion Finds at Bomboclat Festival 2017

The first ever Bomboclat Festival on the beach of Zeebrugge was a vibrant weekend full of hot dancehall rhythms, lots of dancing, and joyful people. The fashion had to follow suit, so we found five festival-ready outfits that were perfect for this colourful place. 

Eline's style immediately stood out from the crowd. The broderie on her split back t-shirt was summery en chique at the same time. In her comfy but nicely fitting mom jeans and bow sliders, she was ready for a night of partying on the sand. 

Sparkling from afar, we spotted Fayb's gold fanny pack: a bold accessory to a 'jeans shorts and white tee' look. Her style definitely made a statement, and that's aside from the one on her t-shirt. Shaving off all of her hair was part of an emotional process for many reasons, she said, so more power to her! 

Fluted sleeves, peekabo cut, floral pattern: everything you need in a flowy beach top. Luna paired her top with slashed knee jeans and another must-have for this summer: round red tinted sunglasses. Luna:  "I feel comfortable in my own body like this, showing a little skin but not too bare."  


In this (almost) all black outfit, Ange doesn't disappear into the background. Instead she had a shimmer of gold on her shoes, and a pop of green in her headwrap, something that she started a whole movement around. "Osez le Foulard, dare to wear a headwrap!" Ange explains, "There are so many styles to try, many women feel empowered flaunting a colourful headwrap."


On the last day of Bomboclat, the weather was a little more gruesome. So Kris bundled up in comfy sweatpants, offset by some classic black Converse and a vintage feel jeans jacket. "I didn't really think about my look", Kris told us, "I'm inspired by a lot of things, but the West Coast style is kind of my favourite". 

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