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5 Flemish YouTubers to keep an eye on

Youtube. It’s the perfect way to gather eternal fame on the internet these days. For the British and American creators, that is... We don’t see some Belgian kid becoming the next Logan Paul anytime soon, but never say never, because this country is full of talent! Guys like Acid and Unigaze are two of the biggest names, but they do seem to attract a younger audience. In this list you’ll find six great Flemish Youtubers and why subscribing to them is absolutely worth your while.


Hans Wouters

LongboardsBE is Hans Wouters’s channel. Hans is passionate about two things in life: creating videos and longboarding. Throw those two things together and you get an entire channel filled with the coolest videos in which Hans tells his viewers everything there is to know and learn about longboarding. They’re also a joy to look at because he knows what he’s doing when it comes down to video itself. So if you like skating, this guy will offer you a few hours of bingewatching.


Mike Pro

Mike De Ridder is a selfmade guy. He had an education where he learned the basics of videomaking and editing, everything else you see in his videos, he learned by himself. And his skills are top notch. This Antwerp based vlogger talks about how to make videos, the hiphop collective he’s part of, NoMoBS, and takes you with him to events. But most importantly, he gives you his take on several social issues in Antwerp and Flanders/Belgium in general. For example on how it is to grow up as a half-Belgian, half-Morroccan guy in a city like Antwerp. Mike doesn’t post that many video’s. Right now, that’s probably because he’s really busy with other projects in the media, such as the promo for Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah’s brand new movie Patser. At the same time, that could mean that he’s got a lot of cool content ready for his upcoming videos...


Bro’s of Decay

These two brothers devoted their entire channel to urban exploring, or urbexing. You see them entering abandoned buildings and industrial sites. They guide their viewers through these places and offer them background info on why they are abandoned and why they’re in their current state. The videos are really worth watching because they take you to places that are hard to reach, places you would otherwise never visit or even know of. For people who are familiar with urban exploring, you might find some new hidden gems or inspiration for your own next trip.



Tom Syryn, also known as Syroop on Youtube works as a video editor for a living. That’s exactly why he knows a thing or two about how you create a decent looking video. He has a vlogging channel where he mainly talks about his daily life, gaming, tattoos and skating. The quality of his videos is great, but until now that hasn’t earned him the thousands and thousands of subscribers he definitely deserves.


Alex ‘Olex’ Van Dun lives in Mortsel and has a channel with over 41K subscribers, which is pretty good for a small town kid. His audience is somewhat younger, because he’s only eighteen years old himself, so his content is more relatable to younger kids. He mostly makes funny videos and gaming videos but is also very capable to talk about more serious matters in a normal way. He’s still growing up, so his content will undoubtedly grow with him. It’s exactly for that reason he’s worth it to keep watching.


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