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Taking French vogue to new heights with Zalando & Adidas #supercourt

While creating our 'Supercourt Story' for Zalando and Adidas in Berlin, we checked out French vogue artists Giselle, Kobe, and Riley, and London-based dancer Fredrik, who slayed the stage in Adidas #supercourt shoes before Sevdaliza's performance. With shows like 'RuPaul's Drag Race' and Netflix's 'Pose' reaching global audiences, vogue culture is very much becoming a part of contemporary mainstream pop culture. As the ballroom scene grows in popularity, everyone attached to it are finding more opportunities - beyond the 'LGBTQ+ circuit.'

Article by Jacob McPherson

Paris is Burning


Ahead of its time, the 1990 documentary 'Paris is Burning' explains ballroom culture as it existed in NYC in the 80's. There's no better way to see how far the community has come than by watching this film. A far cry from the days when drag and voguing were tucked away from the rest of society, dancers like Giselle, Kobe, Riley, and Fredrik are able to present their skills to the world. With the support of brands like Zalando and Adidas, these driven artists can reach new audiences.

As an ongoing supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, Adidas is reported to have a contractual clause to protect endorsed athletes when they come out. Mentioned in Zizomag, the company scored 80/100 from the 2019 British LGBT awards nomination board. Pink News also applauded the company's decision to hire a gay woman of colour, Gia Goodrich, for Adidas' 2019 Pride campaign. In the article, Gia is quoted as saying

The fact that Adidas made a conscious effort to hire someone who is a part of and vocal advocate for the LGBTQAI+ community is impactful.


According to a 2018 Dazed interview with House of Milan father, Benjamin Milan, French vogue is at the epicenter of the European Ballroom.

The biggest scene in Europe is in Paris and I feel like it’s like the heartbeat for the rest of the scenes.

Representing the UK-based House of Revlon, and NYC-based House of Xtravaganza (created in 1982), the french vogue artists included in the Zalando x Adidas event showed how international the scene has become. United by houses, vogue dancers and artists are truly international.

Kunstenfestivaldesarts- For All Queens! presents; Vogue Take Ovah™

Here in Belgium, voguing is a mainstay for events and festivals in Brussels, and beyond. This past Kunstenfestivaldesarts included voguing in its programming. As a French-speaking city with two drag bars, Cabaret Mademoiselle and Chez Maman, there's no better place to see what the hype is all about. Nationally, Paris-based collective La Creole had a presence at the most recent Dour Festival.

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