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VIDEO: What’s the future for Belgian nightlife?

Nightlife still gets a negative impression from a lot of people. It's often linked to drugs,
nuisance, crime,... But what often isn't focussed upon is the positive influence Belgian nightlife has on the development of a city.

Article by Jacob McPherson, video by Timo Vergauwen and Jacob McPherson

Despite the local governments trying to shut down institutions like Ghent's Kompass Klub, Belgium's nightlife scene continues to grow. When interviewing top personalities from Antwerp via Bruges to Brussels, we heard one unifying message – late-night venues and parties provide spaces for people to come together.

Creating communities that otherwise wouldn’t mix, nightlife is an important part of Belgian culture. Brice Deloose (Fuse), Kreshik (Bonnefooi), Fatoosan (SupAfly Collective), Kristof Claes (Goldfox), Wannes Loosveldt (Bomboclat Festival), Jef Willem (Eagl/Trillers), Niels Kenis (De Serre), Ben Van Alboom (Red Bull Elektropedia), and Tsar B tell us why the Belgian nightlife scene is here to stay, where it's headed, and how it brings people together.

This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of Vlaams Journalistiek Fonds / Flemish Journalism Fund.

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