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Have a look into our office in Ghent

Last winter Chase, Chase Creative and Chase Academy moved into a new office in the Holstraat in Ghent. You might have been one of the lucky ones to attend our opening party in May. In case you missed it, the pictures are still online on the Facebook page of Chase Creative, our social storytelling agency.

A few days after the party - and once our office was looking sparkling clean again - we asked Jennifer Kesteleyn to take some pictures of the new space. But as we're always busy, these pictures got buried in our crammed Google docs folders, risking to be forgotten in the ever-expanding digital cloud. Up until now.

Since the shoot in May, we did some more adjustments to the interior though. We got some super colorful coffee tables and even more plants! We also want to thank Sonos for the Sonos PLAY:5 they send us. It's literary the first device we turn on at the start and the last one we turn off at the end of our working days.

Pictures by @jenn.tonic

The view when you enter
We love the morning sun in our sitting corner
Our Sonos PLAY:5 which is always playing music
B.O.A.T.S. (Based On a True Story) by Darrel Cole as everything starts with a good story
Chase meeting
LAN-party :D no seriously this is our monthly team meeting for Chase, Chase Creative and Chase Academy.
Looking for an internship? We still have some room left!

Hungry for more? Check out the album on our Instagram @chasemusicbe

Did you know our office is an open workspace as well? You're always welcome to come work with us! (Holstraat 21, 9000 Ghent)

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