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New hip-hop festival in Tongeren: Hip Hub Hooray

Hip Hub Hooray is a new Belgian hip-hop festival in Tongeren. Sven Gatz, the Flemish Minister of Culture, Youth, Media and Brussel, announced the festival yesterday. Hip Hub Hooray is a collaboration between the Flemish and the French Community, the Dutch province of Limburg and Sabam for Culture.

"Hip-hop knows no boundaries. The language of hip-hop is universal", says Sven Gatz, who's looking forward to the future of this project.

Mayor of Tongeren, Patrick Dewael, says that they wanted to do something for the youth: "We will be watching the first edition with full interest. It will be more than a little festival. It’s an entire philosophy. We want Tongeren to be the center of the Euregion."

Before the big festival

The festival will consist of three stages. The first part will be different ‘speed dates’ in the old Ambiorix Barrack in May, June, July and August. On these days, different artists, of all participating regions will come together in this ‘hip hub’ to make art and music. These speed dates will end with small performances accessible to the public.

The second part is a social-cultural part. On September 22 and 23, Hip Hub Hooray will bring together youngsters with a migration background to work on hip-hop.

The third and final part is a big hip-hop festival on September 29 in the old Ambiorix Barrack.

Let’s keep the fire burning

Rapper Graci is already looking forward to it: "Hip-hop is a way of life. There are a lot of young people that recognize themselves in the music, in the lyrics, so I’m really excited about this initiative."

DJ Jewels thinks it’s a meaningful project: "In Limburg, a lot of people are doing music, skating, doing graffiti, so this will be an umbrella project. All kinds of artists will work together and get inspired. It’s nice to see that it’s extended to the Netherlands and Germany so we can make contact with local artists. Let’s keep the fire burning."

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