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How blackwave. crashed the MIA’s & top 5 red carpet looks

As Belgium's only red carpet music event, the Music Industry Awards (MIA's) - presented by Flemish broadcaster VRT, was an opportunity for its nominees to shine. In addition to category award winners, including Tourist LeMC, Tamino, and Angèle, fashion forward artists like blackwave., Coely, Roméo Elvis, and Charlotte de Witte deserve recognition for dressing like true rockstars. While New York Fashion Week was in full effect, these musicians delivered in Brussels.
Article and Pictures by Jacob McPherson

blackwave. in Homme Plissé by Issey Miyake

blackwave. styled by Kate Housh

Before driving a vintage convertible through Palais 12, blackwave. turned up on the red carpet wearing Homme Plissé by Issey Miyake. The duo then switched to Berthold UK for their performance (including drive through moment). Styled by Kate Housh, they stood out throughout the whole event. Her attention to detail and understanding of the group's aesthetic paid off. Kate even went with Japanese designer Issey Miyake, because of blackwave.'s connection to Japan. Their wave logo is inspired by the great wave off Kanagawa by Japanese artist Hokusai. If you're not familiar with blackwave.'s music, give them a listen.

Coely in Juun.J

Coely styled by Kate Housh

Also dressed by Kate Housh, Coely appeared on the scene in a power look - an oversized blazer dress by Juun.J. Wearing the jacket as a dress allowed Coely to express her unique style. Check out Coely looking fly in her track "Celebrate."

Tamino and his brother in Ann Demeulemeester

Tamino styled by Adrien Gras

Eyptian-Belgian singer-songwriter, Tamino Moharam Fouad arrived at the MIA's with his brother in looks by Ann Demeulemeester (with styling from Adrien Gras). Going full-Belgian in these androgynous outfits worked well for the Fouad brothers. Hear why the BBC calls Tamino "The new 'Sound of the Nile'", in his track "Sun May Shine".

Roméo Elvis in Bleu de Paname and Carhartt, Angèle in Gucci

Angèle and Roméo Elvis styled by Anaïs Ngbanzo

Rapidly climbing the Belgian/French music scene, Angèle is making waves. Joined by her famed brother, Roméo Elvis, the two are unstoppable. Styled by Anaïs Ngbanzo, Elvis sported a Bleu de Paname jacket and Carhartt pants. Sister Angèle went for a bold look from Gucci. Both complemented each other on the red carpet. Anaïs Ngbanzo unified the two while allowing their varied creative energies to stand out. Watch them in YouTube hit, "Tout Oublier."

Charlotte de Witte

Charlotte de Witte

This layered oversized look worn by Ghent-based DJ Charlotte de Witte showed off her personality as an electronic music tastemaker. It's just as cool and fresh as de Witte's beats.

Although the only "urban" act to receive an award was Tourist LeMC, we hope more artists like blackwave. and Coely become included in the VRT Music Industry Awards in the future. We think it's important the MIA's also represent Belgian youth culture and showcase the diverse talent and style Belgium has to offer to the world. See you next year?

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